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Our Summer Memories
Told by children and families in our camp...

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2014 Showcase
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Kamp EXTREME 2010-2011
 Our Crab Cove Adventure..


John's Incredible Experience 

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From Our Parents

Linda H. - Discovery Camp parent
"Time flies when having fun.  I am very happy with the choice I made to bring my son to Kamp Extreme.  I had a real hard time finding something suitable for my son last year and I was dreading the end of the school year but luckily I came across Kamp Extreme's flier for their summer camp.  I attended orientation and I was very pleased with all of the instructors and their professionalism.

Monday-Friday Kamp Extreme takes up the entire center used by the Family Bible Fellowship in Newark.  There is plenty of parking and they even block part of their parking lot so the kids can go outside and play.  Their classrooms are huge and they provide tons of board games, crafts, air hockey and Foosball tables for the children to stay entertained.   They have a strict check-in and out procedures and there is no way to get through the classrooms without walking by their front office first which is always occupied by one or two of the camp instructors.

Ash Park is about two blocks away from the center and right after lunch they pair up the kids and walk to the park, if weather permits.  They provide parents with a calendar of events for each day so that we are informed of the activities that the children will be doing every day.  It's not all fun and games however, Kamp Extreme also provides emotional and character growth. During Session One for example, they went over the importance of integrity for the K-1st graders.  2nd and 3rd graders learned about who they are when no one is looking and 4th-5th graders went over the meaning of true character.

In summary, I am extremely happy with my son's attendance in their camp and hope they stay around for years to come."

Liz W. - Discovery & Explorer Camp parent
"I was really impressed with this little summer camp.  I loved the idea that they focus on teaching good moral values (honor, respect, charity, faithfulness, honesty, integrity and responsibility) but I worried that it would be too structured and take away from just enjoying the summer.  That was not the case.  My kids loved going and I felt like my kids were safe and happy there.  They had all kinds of activities planned; games, sports, walks to the park, field trips and even a very cool performance the last week.  My kids were never bored there.  Every day they made sure to let me know what they were missing out on because I picked them up "too early".  The facilities are spacious and well maintained.  The class groups are small and there is more than adequate adult supervision.  They reference bible passages in teaching the seven core values  and since my kids are curious about God, I welcomed that it was incorporated into what they were learning.   I was worried it would be weird for us since we don't belong to any organized religion but it wasn't.  I was never asked any personal questions about religion.  I could tell the kids were definitely around positive influences.  They tell me everyone at Kamp Extreme is their friend."

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